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My Journey with the Arabic letters - Hardcover

My Journey with the Arabic letters - Hardcover

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The benefits of a child learning a new language can be life-changing. This book aims to motivate children from the age of four to challenge themselves. What better way than mastering one of the most beautiful languages on the planet?


Arabic is one of the most widespread and prolific languages globally, and for a good reason. Its vast influence spans across nations from east to west and the lead any child will get in life by learning this timeless language is significant. It allows them to broaden their horizons, expose themselves to new cultures and allow the opportunity to experience life in many different countries. To many people, learning a new language is by no means easy. It is a painstaking process that takes years of repetitive practice. So, this introductory book aims to make learning fun and easy!


Through the use of eye-catching images and simulating the Arabic letters, this book allows the child to master the language quickly and without getting bored. Using a motivational approach to language education, the child's imagination will ignite as they bravely enter the exciting world of Arabic. By the end of this level 1 journey, the child will recognize the Arabic letters and be a step closer to being fluent in the language and communicating at the highest level. They will not feel like giving up halfway through and will want to give it their all with the engaging descriptions of letters, tracing, writing, reading and a range of entertaining activities.


Why choose Arabic? It is one of the most accessible and less complex languages; it is also the language of the Quran. At the same time, its hidden beauty makes it genuinely enjoyable to learn


Give your child the gift of Arabic today with this life-changing book!

The following book contains:

  • Over 70 educational pages
  • 28 Arabic letters
  • Unique description of each letter
  • Eye catching images
  • A range of engaging activities
  • Tracing letters, tracing words and writing words
  • Biography about the author

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful


Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, 


This book is dedicated to all the parents out there that want to help challenge their little ones and allow them to access exciting new realms. They want what is best for their children and understand that teaching them a vital skill can significantly benefit their lives forever. It is for the children that want to explore this wondrous world in new creative ways. As children, they are fascinated by the unknown and ready to step into new frontiers like Arabic with fun and passion. We hope you and your child find as much joy in reading this book as we did in writing it!


اللَّهُمَّ انْفَعْنِي بِمَا عَلَّمْتَنِي وَ عَلِّمْنِي مَا يَنْفَعُنِي وَ زِدْنِي عِلْمًا

O Allah, benefit me from that which You taught me, and teach me that which will benefit me, and increase me in knowledge. 

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